More modulation madness

Fresh off the press, there is another update to MonoParaSteppa which brings some quite interesting new features. First of all, the device drop down now includes the Track Mixer which allows you to modulate Track volume, Panning, all of the Sends as well as – in case of inserting the device into the master track – the Cue volume (not sure that’s needed) and the crossfader.

In addition to that, version 1.1 introduces using any waveform as modulation sequence, just drag a .wav or .aiff file onto the respective device section, and the waveform will be mapped onto the sequence. A sine, square and triangle waveform is already included and can be accessed via the action menu (the three bottom entries). It works quite smooth with increasing the step number to 64 and using glide 2 mode. The loop braces of the step object give you even more control which section of the waveform is used for modulation.

The other new thing is the introduction of the MonoParaSteppaMidi device which is an (almost) exact replica of the MonoParaSteppa one. So why the hell another device ?  There is one important difference, while the original device sports a beat detection mode (based on transient analysis), the steps of the MIDI device can be triggered via note-on’s which opens quite some new options as well.


MonoParaSteppa.amxd (v1.1)

MonoParaSteppaMidi.amxd (v1.1)


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  1. Xanadu,

    Yesterday I downloaded a lot of M4L devices from I just love your MonoParaSteppa(midi) device. It’s like having 6 programmable lfo’s to a device. I ran it on pulsating NI MASSIVE patches and Live’s built in Kit-909. Sull sequnces just come to life! Great!

    I have some ideas for improvement.

    1. A lot of synthesizers and combinated devices have 8 automated parameters as a standard, so MonoParaStaeppa should have 8 parameters too. Problem is the maximum device height of 169 pixels. Four rows is too much. Perhaps the upper band can be left out, always taking the default step size.

    2. When choosing a device taking the 8 first parameters after the on/off switch seems logical. Perhaps it’s best to set all the steps to the current value in the device as default after choosing a device.

    3. For none-repeating patterns it’s best to set the different parameters to different prime integer steps. But in other situations setting al parameters to 4, 8 or 16 steps works better.

    4. I think assignments to a device can be done in a popup window, sparing out some devive window real astate. I’ve seen some MFL devices from C’74 does this trick. I have to figuere out how to do this.

    I’d like to read some comment on this from you.

    I definitively love this device, and I will try to improve it. Perhaps we can work together on this.


    • nick,

      Glad you like it, and thx for the comments.

      my replies:

      1. You are right, 8 would be good, but there are several reasons against it, first of all the real estate of the screen and secondly, that I made it work with a monome (8×8). And for several reasons, it would be hard to fit 8 parameters on that.

      2. That makes sense, will put it on my list. Additionally, one of the foremost topics for me is storing the assignment of parameters when saving the set. Otherwise, you always have to assign again which sucks a little bit.

      3. Are referring to the step length of each parameter sequence ? Again, this fits my monome with an 8×8 matrix.

      4. I am not so fond of pop-up windows as it could lead to a cluttered interface, eventually, one has to show the assigned parameter anyway which takes probably as much real estate.

      Altogether, I try to get away from making devices “perfect” spending lots and lots of time with diminishing returns while one could use the time to make music or other devices instead. But that doesn’t mean that your comments aren’t most appreciated.

      Thx Nick

  2. Al,


    I use the Midi version of this sequencer,
    but it won’t remember the routing when load the project.

    Could you please update the midi version to
    recall all setting like on the other versions ?

    I would also be satisfied with a one parameter sequencer version,
    but please as midi.
    Your sequencer is the only one I can route to a macro and modulate the macro in sequences.

    If you don’t mind, I would have another idea for a sequencer.
    Do you know the Matrix-Sequencer in Reason?
    This one is really cool and it can modulate any parameter you like to be controlled by sequences.
    It would be nice to mod parameters from the middle position
    in a minus(down) and plus(up) way, like in the Matrix of Reason.
    …and with the ability to control any macro by it.
    A single sequencer would be enough…

    I am not into making of effects with MAX4Live, so I rely on guys like you…

    So let me thank you for your work and share…!!!


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