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MonoMIDI – MIDI clip sequencing

MonoMIDI is a step sequencer to be controlled via the monome. It’s  based on manipulating Live MIDI clips, rather than using live.step or other means. So in my opinion, it fits the workflow better where one might use a keyboard next to a monome or an MPC. Part of the code base was  taken from […]

MonoLive 2 – all in one

As already announced some time ago, I didn’t particularly like the complexity of the MonoLive suite which would require at least one device per track to be controlled by the monome. As a result, there is the next version of MonoLive which combines all track based functions in one single device while it still allows […]

MonoParaSteppa update: Parameter recall

As requested by quite a lot of people, I added the ability to store parameter assignments within live sets, which are now recalled at load time. All the other device settings including the actual sequences are stored as well. In addition, just a heads up that pretty soon, there will be new versions of MonoLive […]

More modulation madness

Fresh off the press, there is another update to MonoParaSteppa which brings some quite interesting new features. First of all, the device drop down now includes the Track Mixer which allows you to modulate Track volume, Panning, all of the Sends as well as – in case of inserting the device into the master track […]

Update: MonoParaSteppa v1 – more goodies

After some positive feedback for the beta version of MonoParaSteppa, there is an update for the parameter modulation device. Besides bugfixing, the main changes are the introduction of a beat detection mode and more extensive monome support. With Beat detection, a new modulation step is executed upon detection of a beat. Of course, this can be […]

MonoParaSteppa – take control of your devices

One thing missing from MonoLive so far was the ability to control devices and their parameters via Monome. There are already quite some good M4L devices floating around such as the Single Parameter Sequencer or the 3X Parameter Sequencer, but none to be controlled via a monome. So I made my own (partially based on […]

Get your early Xmas present

Today is another one of those very few occasions that the monome team is releasing a bunch of new devices. This time, it is a 200 batch of the slick and brand new 64 grayscale devices. Due to heavy demand, the order links will be posted 1st of january, 1pm EST sharp, so check the […]

Update: dschihadelay v1 – a (better) glitch delay

Probably the last update for 2009, after some sleep and feedback as well, there is a new version of dschihadelay. Besides fixing some bugs (synchronisation, randomisation and panning), the device is now fully truly stereo, meaning that both input channels get processed. For modulation purposes, the boundaries for the different ranges (delay time, feedback amount, […]

dschihadelay – a glitch delay

When cleaning up my laptop, I came across monohad a former project of mine where I embarked on porting the Apparat performance patch dschihad to Max5 while enabling it to be used with the monome. Eventually, I abandoned (or should I say “paused”) the project when the patch got too big and too resource-hungry. Still, there are some […]

Update: MonoMIDI 1.0

There is an update coming your way, mainly centered around MonoMIDI. It now supports a Multisampling Mode which makes your drum sequences even more humanized by choosing samples out of a pool of 8 for each note lane. It is best to be used with a Drum Rack. For each of the samples within the […]