Update: MonoMIDI 1.0

There is an update coming your way, mainly centered around MonoMIDI. It now supports a Multisampling Mode which makes your drum sequences even more humanized by choosing samples out of a pool of 8 for each note lane. It is best to be used with a Drum Rack.

For each of the samples within the pool, one can define the relative probabilities for that sample to be chosen which allows you to create dynamic sequences in realtime just by changing the probabilities.

Apart from that, MonoMIDI now also sports a Probability mode where the velocity of a note is used as a means for the probability that the note will be played. Low velocity = low probality.

I also fixed a bug with the MIDI transpose which would lose note-offs when transposing during an open note.

MonoMIDI 1.0 requires MonoInterface 1.0. See here for the other devices.

MonoMIDI 1.0


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