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Update: dschihadelay v1 – a (better) glitch delay

Probably the last update for 2009, after some sleep and feedback as well, there is a new version of dschihadelay. Besides fixing some bugs (synchronisation, randomisation and panning), the device is now fully truly stereo, meaning that both input channels get processed. For modulation purposes, the boundaries for the different ranges (delay time, feedback amount, […]

dschihadelay – a glitch delay

When cleaning up my laptop, I came across monohad a former project of mine where I embarked on porting the Apparat performance patch dschihad to Max5 while enabling it to be used with the monome. Eventually, I abandoned (or should I say “paused”) the project when the patch got too big and too resource-hungry. Still, there are some […]

The year is coming to an end

…..and everywhere, the online ratings and “Best of” selections are popping up (pretty sure  rapidshare and others see some major traffic increase as well). If you are keen, that guy keeps quite an impressive list of “Best of” lists and rating through out the net. One of my personal favourite are the reviews on Headphone […]

Update: MonoMIDI 1.0

There is an update coming your way, mainly centered around MonoMIDI. It now supports a Multisampling Mode which makes your drum sequences even more humanized by choosing samples out of a pool of 8 for each note lane. It is best to be used with a Drum Rack. For each of the samples within the […]

family travelling

Thanks to the generous paid parental leave scheme in Germany, we have been lucky to take our three month old daughter over to Western Australia to explore some beautiful spots quite away from the masses for the last three months. It’s all over now, but you can read and view up our trip here.

MonoLive – Monome for Live

Since the release of Ableton Live 8, there has been quite a buzz around Max4Live, the common project of Ableton and Cycling’74. By integrating the powerful Max/MSP/Jitter platform, the promise was to actually enable the users to extend Live with MIDI and audio effects, virtual instruments, customized control surfaces, video playback devices……….. After a rather […]