dschihadelay – a glitch delay

When cleaning up my laptop, I came across monohad a former project of mine where I embarked on porting the Apparat performance patch dschihad to Max5 while enabling it to be used with the monome. Eventually, I abandoned (or should I say “paused”) the project when the patch got too big and too resource-hungry.

Still, there are some goodies in the code, so I just took the random delay section and made that little m4l audio device. Essentially, it is a random delay with random feedback, random filter cutoff and random panning. quite some randomness, so I suggest to put a limiter behind it, otherwise you might risk your expensive gear.

In more detail, it is a single-tap delay unit with random delay times (the range can be chosen) which is synced to the Live transport with a variable frequency. The range for the feedback amount as well as the range for the filter cutoff can be chosen using the two sliders. It also allows to freeze the feedback, in that case, a limiter would be essential.

The toggles on the left hand side switch off the different parts of the device (feedback, filter, panning). Please note that for now, only the left input channel is processed. If anyone is interested, I might change that to stereo mode.




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  1. hey,
    I’m loving this, I edited it a bit for my own uses (stereo, synced mode) but I was wondering about an idea:

    what will happen if instead of having the filter AFTER the delay it sits inside its feedback loop?


    • nick,

      Hey Andreas,

      glad you like it, I was about to upload a newer version where I fixed the sync and panning issue, included the second channel for processing and made almost all parameters automatable.

      Putting the filter within the feedback seems like a good alternative as well, so will make it an option to either leave the filter where it is or to put it into the feedback loop.

      stay tuned !

  2. Dbit,

    Hey, what up, this is Dbit, kero’s friend and an acquaintance of Apparat. I actually had a question about the random delay you posted somewhere on the max4live community but can’t find the topic anymore (where’s the darn search button over there??). Anyhow, there was one very important feature that was missing from your version converted from Apparats, and that’s the “No Triplets” button. Without it it’s very hard to get it to sound/use musically without songs that swing. I’m sure the no triplets function in the random delay is right in Apparats app, so it shouldn’t be hard to implement. I will beggggggg you to implement this feature, and try to repay you in any way I can. Thanks so much for your work!!!!

    • nick,

      hey dbit,

      no problems having a look, I just checked briefly and couldn’t see it, do you know which version of dschihad you were using ? I can’t find the “no triplets” function.


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