Update: dschihadelay v1 – a (better) glitch delay

Probably the last update for 2009, after some sleep and feedback as well, there is a new version of dschihadelay.

Besides fixing some bugs (synchronisation, randomisation and panning), the device is now fully truly stereo, meaning that both input channels get processed. For modulation purposes, the boundaries for the different ranges (delay time, feedback amount, filter cutoff) can now be automated with Live due to introduction of the Live UI dials (designated “min” and “max”).

In terms of the signal path, you can choose either to use a mixed wet/dry signal or only the wet portion of the sound via the “Mixed” switch. The Filter can be placed in two positions, either within the feedback loop (“Inside” switch), behind the delay unit (“Post” switch).Of course, you can use both of them as well.

Please be careful with the resonance settings, especially when activating the filter within the feedback loop.


dschihadelay.amxd v1


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  1. bastian,

    wow, this is so inspiring and really sounds apparat-ish.
    i think this is my favorite m4l device so far, will use it for sure.

  2. papertiger,

    this is excellent — thanks so much for being willing to share. you should post a paypal or donation linky to encourage rewards for your labor.

  3. dbit,

    Hey, this is great btw, one of the things that the dschihad random delay did was randomize /scroll through the sync parameters, and also had one of those ‘no triplets’ buttons that beat repeat has. If it’s here and just named different, please point it out to me, I’ve only taken a quick look at this one.



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