MonoParaSteppa update: Parameter recall

As requested by quite a lot of people, I added the ability to store parameter assignments within live sets, which are now recalled at load time. All the other device settings including the actual sequences are stored as well.

In addition, just a heads up that pretty soon, there will be new versions of MonoLive (clip launcher) and MonoMIDI (clip based step sequencer) with quite some exciting features, such as:

  • MonoLive is now a self contained device, no need to put satellite devices onto the individual tracks
  • Support for device control….any device within the set can be chosen to be controlled with the monome (the first 8 parameters, that is)
  • Better integration of external devices such as MonoMIDI or MonoParaSteppa into MonoLive routing app (but devices can also be used standalone)
  • MonoMIDI supports scales now (besides chromatic mode), including scale transformation
  • Partial sequences can be duplicated across the whole clip via monome
  • MonoMIDI doesn’t require an additional device to be used anymore.

and there is more, so stay tuned.


MonoParaSteppa.amxd (v1.2)


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