MonoLive 2 – all in one

As already announced some time ago, I didn’t particularly like the complexity of the MonoLive suite which would require at least one device per track to be controlled by the monome.

As a result, there is the next version of MonoLive which combines all track based functions in one single device while it still allows to plug-in additional devices which would require the whole monome real estate (such as MonoParaSteppa or MonoMIDI…stay tuned for that).

In addition, it enables the monome to act as a control surface allowing you to select any device within your live set and to control its first 8 parameters (hint: use racks to expose the parameters you like). and there is more, just have a look at the documentation link below.

have fun, nick


MonoLive.amxd (v1.1)

monolive documentation (v1.1)


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  1. Marco,

    one of the best api controll so far but parameter assignments are lost again after saving. 🙁

    system: live 8.1.3, maxforlive, win xp;

  2. brucewayne,

    (hi nick, sorry for the crossposting, but i dont know if youre still reading the threat in the monome forum) would it be possible to remove the “launch scene” functionality? i really digg this application, but sometimes it can destroy your whole jamsession by switching to a complete different scene (pressing the third controllbutton a little bit too long when in clip launch mode), and that’s a horrible thought when playing live. it would be so cool to have a track-level controll instead! any chance to see that happen?

  3. nick,

    sorry for not replying earlier, I will have a look into it and check whether to disable or change the assignment.

    just short on time since quite awhile.


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